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At Azendo, you avoid high costs and cumbersome processes when hiring front-end and back-end developers. Whether you are looking for junior systems developers, full-stack senior developers, or quality assurance specialists, Azendo can assist your needs.

As part of our 360-degree staff offshoring service, we do all the heavy lifting. We screen, recruit, onboard, coach, skill develop, manage, retain and knowledge transfer within your web developer team. You focus on what is vital in your business – getting the job done while we take care of team management and human resources.

Our experience in the industry providing web development services means we can tailor and put together teams within a wide range of competencies.

Front-End Web Developer

Hire a remote front-end developer in Thailand through Azendo with a strong background and proven experience in front-end development for web, mobile and software. Front-end web developers are proficient in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP. With keen attention to detail, they can precisely implement web designs for optimum user experience, usability and navigation.

You can hire front-end web developers in Thailand with specialized skills, such as expertise in using a particular CMS. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce.


Full-Stack Developer

Full-stack developers hired through Azendo are proficient in all web development stages. They have the skills to perform end-to-end development, from developing front and backend technology to database management, server configuration, deployment, and maintenance.

Our efficient sourcing and recruitment process allows us to find the best-suited remote full-stack developer with the tech stack specializations for your needs. Whether LAMP, MEAN, XAMPP, or any other combination of programming languages, software and other tools, we can find team members to suit your needs.

Web QA specialist

Hire a web QA specialist who will work with your web development team to test and identify functionality, usability, performance, responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility and security issues. Website quality assurance specialists can perform tests manually or automate them through various software and tools for improved bug detection.

They will work with your web development team to ensure all fixes meet quality standards and adhere to best practices. Your web QA specialist will also oversee the general maintenance and upkeep of your e-commerce websites and other digital platforms.

Build your Web Developer team with our 360° outsourcing service.

Scale your teams easily, without having to upscale your office. Your offshore Customer Service team is being taken care of by us, working full-time for you. You have no payroll, legals, facilities, operations or other costly overhead expenses.

We make outsourcing easy and affordable – so you can focus on your core business. We cover everything from screening, hiring, onboarding, training, coaching, skill developing and transferring knowledge between your Customer Service agents.

You have full control and access to your offshore teams through close interaction and online collaboration. Just like hiring onsite, local staff at your office, your offshore staff is solely dedicated to your company – just without the hassle of government red tape and labor laws.

At Azendo, it is specialists who recruit specialists. Our team of specialists in the field you are recruiting for, will  attract, quality assure and select the best talents for your business. We use our 14 years of recruitment experience to help you build your dedicated Customer Service team.

Developer profile examples.


Senior QA Engineer with 10 years experience

API integration, Database management with MySQL, PSD to code and more.


Senior full-stack developer with 10 years experience

Git and JavaScript ES6, SDLite Administration, UI/UX Administration, Redux proficiency.


Full-stack developer with 5 years experience

API integration, Database management with MySQL, PSD to code.


Front-end developer with 4 years experience

Object-Oriented Design & Development, Project analysis, Search Engine Optimization

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