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Outsourcing step-by-step.

Outsourcing and offshoring staff can sometimes be seen as challenging at first. At Azendo, with our 360-degree offshoring staffing service, we walk you through the process. But what are the step-by-step processes involved with offshore staffing for your business that you need to know?

Plot and prepare

As with any business decision, research is essential when considering outsourcing and offshore staffing. With your existing management team, determine what you want and lay down your outsourcing goals.

In considering your overall goals, consider aspects such as

  • Do you want to cut costs?
  • Will offshore staffing help us scale the business faster?
  • Will offshore staffing assist us in being competitive in our market?
  • Will offshore staffing improve efficiency and service quality for our customers?
  • Will offshore staffing allow us to leverage global skills?

Identify what needs to be outsourced

While there is no one size fits all solution for offshore staffing, identifying what needs to be outsourced is a critical step. Depending on your business, you may want to outsource customer support or web development alone. You may keep some employees in areas such as digital marketing but use Azendo’s services to supplement your digital marketing team.

There are always some departments that can operate more efficiently. Consider the areas that will benefit the most from offshore staffing. It’s essential to detail your company’s core activities and routine activities. What can be outsourced and what is best-managed in-house?

Collating information such as existing internal and external capabilities, running costs and service performance helps you and your team see where your existing processes can be improved and expanded.

Understand the cost

Not all outsourcing and offshore staffing solutions are the same. There’s a broad range of price points in the market – how much are you willing to spend on outsourcing that makes sense for your business?

While the price of outsourcing or offshore staffing is a significant consideration, it is not the only consideration when it comes to cost. Non-tangible costs such as environmental problems, legal issues, country standards, labor laws and technological difficulties should be considered when offshore staffing.

Then there are the considerable cost savings. With offshore staff in customer service, web development and digital marketing from Azendo, you save by not having to deal with all the extras involved when employing someone.

With Azendo, this includes not having to deal directly with payroll, taxes, social security and other legal matters. We also handle the hiring side, including contract negotiations and in the event a team member leaves, their departure and any legal requirements there.

Not having to manage a physical office directly also saves time and money as Azendo takes care of all costly overhead expenses.

Do your due diligence

No shortage of outsourcing and offshore staffing companies will promise the world, but many fail to deliver. Before signing a contract, do due diligence on the company you are considering outsourcing your customer service, web development and digital marketing needs.

Is the company registered? Is it in a jurisdiction with a strong rule of law? Is it paying taxes and hiring staff correctly? How does the company treat its offshore workers? Is it located in a place with regular electricity supplies and fast internet?

Be prepared for your new team

Having signed with an offshore staffing company, be prepared with the knowledge you need to share as new offshore staff comes on board. Offshoring is not a magic switch where employees will immediately be able to do everything you want on them – they need to understand your requirements and processes.

At Azendo, we source high-quality employees, but those employees still need to know about your company and requirements.

Measure performance

A clear picture of what you require and measuring processes is essential when working with an outsourcing or offshore staffing company. Look at your current outcomes and the cost involved – at a baseline, with needs and objectives worked out.

You should regularly measure and evaluate whether you are getting results or not.

We saw an increasing trend towards offshoring employees from our European clients. They realized the strategic advantage in the coexistence of onsite and offshore human resources. Our dedicated offshore staff became part of their long-term strategy to achieve a new level of growth.
Mikkel Schmidt ,  CEO & Founder

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