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Terms and Conditions.

The agreement

The general subscription, financing terms and terms of service apply in all cases where one company or individual buys a subscription, financing-based or fixed-price services (hereafter called buyer) at Azendo Co., Ltd. (hereafter called “Azendo”). If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us on telephone number insert or via insert email.

1.1 The agreement between the buyer and Azendo
Subscription/financing terms apply to subscription/financing-based services at Azendo. You a liable for the payment of the service (s) provided under such agreements.
The agreement consists of:

  • Offer for offshore staffing service
  • Order confirmation in connection with the purchase of of an offshore staffing service at Azendo
  • Applicable subscription/financing terms, including terms of sale and price list

The order confirmation will be sent to you by email. With the order confirmation, you will receive the valid subscription/financing terms, price and offshore staffing service information. Together with subscription/financing terms, the order confirmation is the basis of the agreement. In case of disagreement in subscription/financing terms, the first point applies rather than the second point and so on.

All contracts are entered into in English. The subscription/financing terms are always valid unless otherwise stated in a written agreement.

Upon acceptance of the offer, terms, binding period and termination rights are accepted simultaneously.

1.2 Period of validity of the agreement
The agreement commences when you receive the order confirmation. The agreement is also binding when an offer is accepted and the order confirmation is sent.
The binding period for service is stated in the offer submitted under the section “Service Terms & Conditions.”
Both parties can terminate the agreement, cf. 8. The subscription/financing will otherwise run continuously without cessation.

2 Subscription / Financing
Azendo is an offshore staffing and outsourcing company that sources offshore staff in customer service, web development and digital marketing. Azendo:

  • Screens
  • Hires
  • Onboards
  • Trains
  • Offers skills development
  • Transfers knowledge

The subscription/financing price is charged for the first time no later than five days after confirmation of the service. However, order confirmation can be done when buying and paying online. If the order confirmation does not match or agree with your acceptance of our offer and you do not wish to accept the terms, you shall notify us in writing no later than five days after you have received the order confirmation, otherwise the order confirmation will be binding on you during the binding period specified in the accepted offer.
We reserve the right to make price changes and subscription/financing terms changes. Changes can be made with 30 days’ written notice.

2.1 Binding period
The binding period for our services is different, but always a minimum of 12 months.
All submitted offers contain a section called “service terms & comments” where the lock-in period for the service you have ordered and accepted appears.

2.2 Conditions of use
All material handled by Azendo must comply with applicable copyright laws and must not violate the rights of third parties. It is your responsibility to comply with this.
An email service is provided, which may be used for general purposes. The email may not be used for mass mailing of newsletters or similar. Likewise, your use of Azendo must not burden our systems. We reserve the right to temporarily shut down services suspected of overloading the system and other purchasers.
If your use of Azendo burdens our system, we reserve the right to suspend you if the email is used for mass mailing of newsletters or the like.
Azendo does not take responsibility for illegal content on the server uploaded/placed by the buyer and reserves the right at any time to hold the buyer responsible for files and other data placed on the server of buyer.

2.3 Financing
When entering into an installment agreement, there are various options for future subscriptions after the installment has been completed. These are presented at the conclusion of the agreement. You will be moved automatically to the subscription that includes your offshore team unless an otherwise stated request is clearly communicated to Azendo.

2.4 Personal data
Personal and company information used for registration when purchasing a subscription/financing / fixed-price services are processed in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

2.5 Pause of Subscription / Financing
It is not possible to pause a subscription/financing agreement. A subscription/financing agreement must therefore be terminated, cf. point 8

2.6 Transfer
If your service is transferred to another person or company, we require written notice from both the new and old owner. In connection with the transfer of a product, a small fee may be charged, which can be seen in the current price list.

3 Responsibility
Azendo is not responsible for data loss. You should take regular backups of data yourself. While we regularly update the software on the server

4 Project downtime
If a service stands still and Azendo is not responsible for this, after three months, extra may be charged payment for restarting the service.
In the event of a standstill for more than six months, Azendo reserves the right to revise the price for completion of the service, as there may be changes in prices, hourly rates, etc. since the conclusion of the agreement.

5 Basis of agreement
When preparing a service, the offer is the basis for the service. If offshore staffing services are desired and not clearly stated in the offer, these are considered “change requests” and will be estimated and charged for.
It is the buyer’s responsibility to inform Azendo of all desired functions, ideas and thoughts before starting offshore staffing so that Azendo can estimate and add it all to an offer.
Prior email correspondence is not binding concerning the basis of the agreement unless stated clearly in the offer.

6 Delivery
Deliveries and deadlines are determined based on a given service as part of the service start-up in collaboration with a service manager.
If an agreed deadline is stated as part of an accepted offer, this deadline/delivery is applicable.

7 Right of withdrawal
There is a 30-day right of withdrawal when purchasing services from receipt of the order confirmation.
However, payment is set off against and payment is made for the hours, purchases and other expenses Azedo has had associated with the start-up of the terminated service/project.

8 Payment
8.1 Terms of payment
It is a condition for the agreement that the service payment is done by debit card or bank transfer. The information about which payment card can be used can be found at All services are prepaid and services are only started up when the first payment is received.
In some cases, a small amount may be charged for payment with certain payment cards, Information on this can be found at

8.2 Delayed payment
If you do not pay the price for the service you have purchased from us at the agreed time and we are not responsible for the delay, you pay interest on the amount in accordance with the rules set out in the Interest Act at all times. We send a first reminder letter to you no earlier than ten days after the date the amount should have been paid and a second and third reminder letter no earlier than ten days after the previous reminder letter. You pay a fee of DKK 100 per reminder letter.
If you do not pay the price for the service you have purchased from us, no later than 30 days after the agreed time and we are without liability for the delay, we may (i) suspend the use of the service without compensation and liability, (ii) terminate the agreement on your purchase of the service, (iii) terminate any agreement on your purchase of services that have not yet been provided to you, or require prepayment for this, and / or (iv) use other default powers. If we want to terminate an agreement, we must notify you in writing within ten days after the expiry of the 30-day period.
If there is no response to the first, second and third reminder letter, the case is automatically sent to one debt collection service 10 days after the third reminder letter.

9 Termination
9.1 Subscription
All services of a subscription nature have a notice period of three months. If your lock-in period has expired, there is still a notice period of three months. If you want to stop a collaboration after the lock-in period has ended, you must therefore send your notice to (insert Azendo email) thee months before your lock-in period ends.
A subscription cannot be terminated within a given lock-in period.

9.2 Fixed price / Financing
This type of service can be terminated in the middle of the task execution if the 30-day right of withdrawal is exceeded. If the buyer does not want the ordered service, Azendo reserves the right to invoice and charge a payment for the remaining amount according to the accepted offer.
If a service “stops” and Azendo is not responsible for this, Azendo may charge for the project when it has been at a standstill for more than three months.

10 Validity
These subscriptions/financing Terms are valid from June 2022 and replace previous subscriptions/financing terms. These subscription/financing terms are always valid unless otherwise stated in writing.